Eyelid plasty

Our skin becomes less elastic as we age, which causes it to sag and wrinkle. We develop easily distinguishable unevenness or ‘bags' under our eyes, which may make us look tired and old. Eyelid correction also helps when drooping eyelids start blocking the field of vision.
Eyelid plasty is used to correct upper or lower eyelids, or both if necessary. After the surgery, your face will look fresher, more youthful and beautiful.

Is eyelid plasty what I need?

  • Yes, my eyelids are wrinkled and I have ‘bags’ under my eyes.
  • Yes, my drooping eyelids block my vision.
  • Yes, I want to look younger and prettier.

If you have decided to have eyelid plasty, please book a consultation with our specialist where we will discuss your expectations and how they can be met with surgery.
During the consultation, which lasts about an hour, the doctor will give you a detailed description of what happens before and after the surgery as well as the surgery itself. We will take the necessary tests, ask you about your health and habits, and answer all of your questions. It is important for us to know about your allergies, smoking and other health-related habits.

Eyelid correction surgery

Excess fatty tissue, and sometimes also a piece of the orbicular muscle of the eye and skin, is removed in the course of eyelid correction surgery. Excess fatty tissue, which caused unevenness of the skin under your eyes, is removed also from the lower eyelid. The surgery lasts from one to two hours and it is performed under local anaesthesia.
The surgeon will examine you a couple of hours after the surgery and discharge you from the clinic on the same day. Some pain around the eyes is normal, as you’ve just had surgery. You will be given painkillers if necessary. Although people have a different tolerance for pain, our patients usually don’t need painkillers for more than two days.

Wound care

The area around your eyes will be tender and swollen after the surgery, but in a couple of weeks the tenderness will decrease, the swelling will go down and the results of the surgery will become visible. You should keep your eyes as dry as possible for a week.
We don’t advise you to stretch the scars, lift heavy items, exercise vigorously or go to the sauna for a couple of months after the surgery. Although vigorous exercise is not advisable, moderate physical exercise helps improve circulation and speed up recovery.
Smoking causes wounds to heal considerably slower, which is why we advise you to quit smoking for at least a month before and after the surgery.


The incisions required for eyelid correction are made in such a manner that they are as unnoticeable as possible. In the case of upper eyelid correction, the scar will only be visible from the outer corner of the eye and in the case of lower eyelid correction, the incision is made under the lash line.
At first the scars look darker, but they will fade over time and become less noticeable. We advise using the wound gels available in pharmacies to accelerate healing.
We advise you to protect yourself from direct sunlight for a couple of months after the surgery, because the influence of sun radiation on the skin pigment may turn the scars darker and more noticeable.

Final result

The swelling will have gone down a couple of weeks after the surgery and the results of the surgery will be visible. However, seeing the final result will take a couple of months. You will look younger, fresher and more rested after the surgery.

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